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Check out what customers are saying about BeadCache

"We had a wonderful experience in this perfect bead store! Felt like we had discovered our home planet!! We've been searching for a really good source for all of the things we like, and found them here -- along with the friendliest most enjoyable people -- shoutouts to Natalie and Becca in particular! Will be back often!"

- Kate F.

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"I absolutely love this place. The staff is friendly. They have all types of beads ranging from the common type of beads to the very rare. If you are not able to find what you are looking for, they will do their best to order for you. I recently opened my Etsy shop and most of my beads come from here. I am so happy that this store is here and just love everyone that works here. Truly amazing all around!!! 💜💜💜"

- Chioma N.


"Bead Cache is awesome. It is a treasure trove of gorgeous stones, beads and zillions of fun ideas. This is one of those places that remind you about how awesome it is to be alive and create fun things."

- Nancy L.


"Exceptional customer service. The staff and the owner were super friendly and helpful. I drove an hour to shop at this store and was not disappointed. I was super impressed with the incredible selection, quality, and fair pricing. I will definitely be making the drive back. Totally worth the drive."

- Dannae P.

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